Pacapod 3 in 1 Nappy Bag – Prescott Combi Luxury – Black and Charcoal

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“To some it’s an organising system for busy parents.  For me its about liberation. When I am organised ….I’m happy.”

Pacapod Nappy Changing Bag – Prescott Combi -Black Charcoal 

Wow – Pacapod Prescott Combi  is here in its lovely combination of fabric adds a tactile element to the bag, with a cotton outer and sophisticated vegan leather detailing.  Once again the Pacapod brilliance combines elegance and function with this Nappy Bag . Time to be fashionable and stylish …shhhh no one would even know that this classy bag hides within it the practical organising pods – Nappy Change Pod and Cooler Bag with pockets and space to keep your Mummy things close and organised too (Purse, Keys, Phone, Ipad.)

With the addition of the convertible backpack to messenger straps this smart yet rugged satchel offers versatility when you need it most. The expansion panel allow this bag to have a slim or more generous profile, so it is perfect for parents of multiples. Hidden expansion panels with expandable side zips increase capacity for those extra busy days. Inside the rear cargo section of the bag you’ll find  two lightweight pods to store baby and toddler feeding and changing items and keep the two hygienically apart. The classic and classy bag  will help you feel ultra-organized and make it a joy to be out and about with your little one. Enjoy.

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The Pacapod Prescott  Features

What’s Included

  • • 3-in-1 organising system, with changer pod, feeder pod and changing mat
    • Includes a changing mat
    • Across Body Strap
    • Pram Attachment Straps
    • Flat pack pods for easy store and clean
    • Bottle cover
    • 1 parent pocket with laptop compartment, zipped security section and with key fob and mobile dividing pockets
    • Remove pods and can use bag on it’s own, most laptops fit inside cargo area
    • Dimensions: 33cm x 42cm x 19cm
    • Volume: 26 to 33 Ltr outer bag + 12 Ltr Pods = 38 ltr total
    • Weight: 1.27kg
    • Shoulder Strap Length: 102cm fully extended
    • Material: Cotton outer with vegan leather detailing
    • Standards: Wipe clean inner and phthalates free, tested to EC & BS food standards

Accessories included with your PacaPod

  • Padded Changing Mat
  • Feeding Pod
  • Changer Pod

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Brand Story

PacaPod was established by Jacqueline Waggett, a mum of two. Having spent fifteen years designing outdoor clothing, she cycled round the world with all he possessions in two bicycle panniers. Combining her eye for design with experience of travelling light, she created Pacapod changing bags for busy parents.

“Absolutely loving my new Pacapod  Nappy bag. When it’s not filled with snacks & baby stuff it’s a great office and travel bag! Ridiculous amount of space and love the pod insert bags – very organised.”
Melina Bagnato from My Kitchen Rules UK Season 2013 loves her Pacapod