Newborn Essentials

There are some things that you simply can’t do without when you have a new baby!


This bouncer, made in a simple-but-classic style, allows you to put your baby down for a sleep or a kick-about for a few minutes while you grab a cup of tea or put a load of washing on. There are different colours to choose from to suit your style and home décor.

ERGOBABY sleeping bag and swaddling set

Sleep is uppermost on your mind when you have a newborn so help everyone along by using a swaddling set to start with, then move onto a sleeping bag when baby starts kicking more. These bags prevent the baby from kicking off blankets and getting cold.

ERGOBABY nursing pillow

The ERGOBABY Natural Curve nursing pillow helps you to establish breastfeeding without developing back, neck, tummy and arm pain. The pillow encourages the right posture – for you and baby – to get the best start possible.


Swaddling has been used for centuries to soothe new babies and to help them sleep. Modern swaddlers, like these are made from lightweight mesh fabric so there’s no worries about overheating and they’re suitable for babies from 48cm to 61cm in length.

LEVO Ergonomic Baby Rocker

A beautiful statement piece of European designed and made furniture is an ideal first rocker. Practical yetoffering stylish support for your baby makes it ideal for the modern family.  These rockers help your baby to relax in style, as well as to maintain the spine’s natural C-position. The fabric pad is detachable and machine-washable and the rocker is suitable from birth to around seven months.

PACAPOD Nappy Bags

Have nappy bag, will travel! This isn’t just any bag, though! It features a changing mat, 2 clever storage pods including a cooler bag for bottles and snacks, as well as space for all your essentials like keys, phone and purse. It’s not so much a bag as an organised way of life…

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