Manduca Carriers and Accessories

Manduca manufactures high-quality soft structured carriers as well as the accessories to go with them. There’s the Pure Cotton 100% Organic carrier which can take your baby right from newborn to the age of four, for example. This carrier, endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, offers three carrying positions (front inward, hip and back) and its integral seat for your newborn and extendable front panel grow with your child.

The Manduca Size It size adjuster

This innovative, comfortable padded strap is for adjusting the size of the Manduca carrier seat to make sure your baby is snug and secure no matter who small (or big) they are.

The Zip In Ellipse accessory

This optional extra is ideal for babies under four months old. It clips around the front panel of the carrier and helps to promote the C-shape of the baby’s spine.

The Manduca Baby Carrier

Suitable from 3.5kg to 20kg, this cotton and hemp mix carrier offers three carrying positions (front inward, hip and back) without the need for any inserts.

It’s designed with parent and baby in mind, providing comfort and support for both and is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Breastfeeding Association.

Manduca Organic Fumbee Suck Pads

These pads clip around the shoulder straps of the carrier and give your teething baby something to chew (or gum and dribble) on. They’re fully washable and protect your carrier. They come in cream, grey and chocolate shades so you can coordinate them.

The Manduca Wrap Sling

Made from 100% organic cotton, this wrap sling is good from newborn to 9kg (although it’s tested to 15kg) and will fit all sizes of adult, too, as it’s 5 metres in length and 60cm wide.

You can use front and hip carry positions and the sling, which comes in a range of colours and  is machine washable at 40C.

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