The Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker

Baby rockers have come a long way! While they were once creaky old wooden or gaudy cheap plastic items you’d rather not look at, they’re now ergonomic works of art that you won’t be able to take your eyes off!

The Levo baby rocker is a minimalistic rocker, made from shaped birch and beech timber and made soft and cosy by durable cotton padding that you can detach and wash. Heaven in a C-curve!

This rocker promotes a healthy spine as it holds your baby in a gently curved position, which also helps with digestion and relaxation. As the cotton cushion supports baby’s shoulders and “hugs” him or her, the startle reflex is reduced. This reflex often results in babies waking suddenly and crying.

It moves with your baby

Many rockers bounce to a battery-operated rhythm that, while effective for many, doesn’t suit all babies. The Levo is powered by your baby’s movement, so when they’re ready to party, so is Levo!

It’s suitable for newborns up to around seven months. There’s a soft strap for extra comfort and security and the slight incline of the rocker helps to reduce the symptoms of reflux and also means that the baby can look around and interact with loved ones.

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