All Baby Carrier Accessories

Having a new baby also means a becoming aware of some new accessories that can make life easier especially as you embrace the whole wonderful world of baby wearing and keeping your little one safe, close and secure.

You don’t need absolutely everything, but there are a few essentials that will make your lives easier. To start with, you need to make sure you have enough support…

MANDUCA suck pads

If there’s one thing babies like to do it’s to suck. Anything within reach will get the treatment, so if your baby chomps on your carrier straps, use these pads to protect it. The best thing is that they’re detachable and washable! You can also choose a colour to co-ordinate with your carrier!

The ERGOBABY teething bib and pads

For that notoriously difficult teething period, this teething pad and bibs combination is ideal to give baby something to chew on while absorbing all that drool! It buttons on and off and is easily laundered.


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