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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage - 4 DVD Set (By Mark Gungor)


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Mark Gungor explores the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships combining clear and practical solutions to common relationship woes giving advice in a hilarious way.

We were recommended this DVD series as a fun way for men and women to understand our different approaches in life and relationships. We have never laughed so hard as Mark Gungor tackles some really important topics with humour and clarity that empower both men and women to understand each other in a deeper way.

Research has shown that 95% of our personal happiness comes from the quality of our relationships with others. We watched this series , loved it and have shared it with our friends in Australia and overseas. They have loved it too.

This is an excellent investment in your significant relationship. Happy Wife - Happy Life true. Happy Couple/Parents ....has an impact on the joy and happiness of the whole family.

Running time: 4 DVD's approc 1.5 hrs each. (Total - approx 6 hours)

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