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Wall Sticker FAQ

Wall stickers - what are they?

Wall stickers are relatively new on the interior design scene. They are simple, yet provide instant and stylish decoration for your wall. They are easy to use, require no special tools, no mess and can be easily removed leaving no damage or residue.

How big are they?

At Bella's Little Ones we sell a variety of wall stickers from different suppliers. Each supplier has a different way of packaging and presenting their stickers. Please read each description carefully so you can decide if these stickers are the right size for your needs. Wall stickers come on sheets that contain all the parts needed to assemble the final picture. Each sticker when applied will cover a far greater area of your wall than the size of the sheets they arrive on. Please see the individual sticker's description for more complete information and an estimated size of the assembled sticker.

Are they only used on walls?

Our wall stickers can be applied to walls and most flat surfaces such as doors, wardrobes, cupboards. Wall stickers may not adhere to heavily textured surfaces.

Are the wall stickers removable?

Yes, they can be safely removed quite easily without causing any damage or leaving any residue behind.

How will my wall stickers be delivered?

Depending on your choice of stickers, you will receive your order packaged in a box or a flat package designed to stop your stickers from bending during transport.

Application of Wall Stickers


The below video is a promotional video for RoomMates wall stickers, demonstrating how easy it is to apply and remove wall stickers. We sell a large range of RoomMates wall stickers as well as several other brands. All our wall stickers are as easy to apply and remove as the stickers demonstrated in this video.

Ensure the surface area where you intend to apply your wall sticker is clean and free from any dirt or dust. Wipe the surface and leave it to dry fully before applying the stickers.

If you have recently painted your walls you should allow at least 2 - 3 weeks before applying your wall stickers. This will be enough time for your walls to dry fully. Applying stickers to walls before they are fully dried could lead to problems when removing your stickers later.

Peel and Stick

Where applicable, the stickers are coded with letters making it clear which pieces are to be applied first, for instance, A, B then C... and so on. It also indicates which sections joins together, for instance, A to A, B to B and so on. Where there is no order, always apply the main piece first, moving on to the smaller pieces later.

Removing Wall Stickers

Removing our wall stickers is as easy as it was to apply them. To remove them simply use a sharp object to loosen a corner of the wall sticker and peel away from the wall from the top downwards. If it proves difficult to peel any corners of the sticker, try using a hairdryer on the warm setting to soften the adhesive.

Please note, although our stickers are easily removed and in almost all instances can be removed without causing damage to the wall, due to the conditions of some painted wall surfaces some paint flakes may also be removed. Therefore a minor touch up may be required after removal. Bella's Little Ones is not liable for possible damage to surfaces.

With a little care and attention you will be able to safely remove your stickers and reuse them at a later time. Again you will not need any special tools for this besides what would normally be in your home; hairdryer, a flat ruler or sharp object and the original backing paper supplied with the sticker, or a similar type paper.