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Manduca -Sparkling Blue Birdie -100% Organic Cotton

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Yay Manduca Limited Edition Sparkling Blue Birdie in 100% Organic Cotton.

How Gorgeous!

This beautiful Manduca Limited Edition has a base colour of soft blue with a gentle highlight of soft grey birds amongst a white forest background. This carrier has a light grey waist panel and shoulder shoulder straps. Made from 100% Organic Cotton,makes this Manduca a delightful choice. With all the excellent ergonomic support for carrier and child, this is a delightful addition to the Manduca range. Available in Australia in limited numbers only.

Matching Teething Pads - Available - Sold Separately.

The Sparkling Blue Birdie is a classic carrier with a touch of fun and matching Fumbee (teething Pads) are available. A great accessory to protect your carrier and keep it fresh for your baby, sold separately.

Manduca Baby Carriers:

The Manduca Baby Carrier, designed in Germany, is a baby carrier that is highly acclaimed by babywearing consultants internationally and endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Manduca Baby Carriers Features :

The Manduca Baby Carrier is specially designed to cater to the needs of newborns and infants from 3.5kg all the way to toddlers and preschoolers weighing up to 20kg.

All Manduca baby carriers come with an inbuilt infant seat that allows infants to sit comfortably in the carrier in the 'M' position as well as a unique lightly padded wrap around top panel to provide support for a newborn's neck.

The Manduca's design allows it to fit babywearers all the way from petite ladies to taller bigger fathers. There is no need for additional waist extension attachments as the waist belt is able to extend all the way out to 140cm. This allows couples who are different sizes to share the same baby carrier comfortably.

The Manduca baby carrier can be worn in the front, back and hip carry positions.

As your baby grows, the Manduca is also built to 'grow' with your child. The Manduca comes with an extendible back panel that can be easily unzipped or packed away depending on your baby's needs. This allows you to provide more support for your baby when they need it and when you baby grows larger you can easily zip it up allowing them more freedom. Like most ergonomic baby carriers, the Manduca's generously padded shoulder straps and anatomically shaped belt work together to distribute the weight from your child effectively, while your baby sits in the orthopedically recommended 'M' position.

All Manduca Baby Carriers are made with the safety of your child in mind. Besides using the best class of materials such as 100% certified organic cotton and hemp, 100% nickel free zips and press studs by YKK and premium grade plastic buckles, Manduca carriers come with a 3 point release on the hip belt buckle to further reduce any risk of the buckle accidentally opening when your child is still in the Manduca.

What makes the limited edition 100% organic Cotton Manduca Baby Carriers Special?

  • 100% Organic cotton.
  • Carries your baby in the 'M' position.
  • Comes with an integrated seat for newborns to ensure optimum posture and comfort.
  • Extendible back panel.
  • Anatomically shaped waist belt for a perfect fit on your waist and hips allowing you to carry heavy children with ease.
  • Premium grade plastic buckles with 3 point buckle on the waist belt to prevent accidental release.
  • All fastenings have padding underneath to ensure they don't rub against your baby.
  • Rugged, durable and easy to clean.
  • Machine washable.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Integrated head and neck support(sleeping hood) that can be folded away when not in use.

Using a Manduca means having a comfortable, ergonomically correct carrier that you will use from birth to preschool.

Please have a look at our Manduca Frequently Asked Questions for additional information that will help you decide on your choice of baby carrier. We have also assembled a selection of videos demonstrating how to use your Manduca in the different carry positions as well as some of the great features of the Manduca baby carrier.
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