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Manduca Fumbee Organic Suck Pads - Grey (Set of 2)


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Does your baby love to chew on your Manduca Baby Carrier's shoulder straps? No problem, but chewing away at your Manduca is now even more fun with a fumbee strap protector. Just hook and loop these two-way strap protectors to your shoulder strap, and easily reverse or wash as necessary. The fumbee fits all straps and handles: Whether it's a car seat belt or a soft structured carrier, the fumbee keeps belts and straps dry

    •Specially designed to fit most baby carrier shoulder straps, car seat harness straps & stroller belt straps as strap protectors, sucking pads or drool pads.

    •Made from 100% organic cotton. Super soft & fluffy feel for extra comfort. Safe for babies to chew.

    •Fabric safe velcro system ensures protectors do not damage clothing while in use

    •Protector length: 17cm

    •Designed to fit strap width up to about 10cm

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