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LILLEbaby COMPLETE Original -Tokidoki SPACE PLACE - Black

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The Lillebaby Complete Original in the SPACE PLACE - Tokidoki Collaboration Print - Limited Edition Now Available in Australia.

Featuring its fun tokidoki space traveller characters this carrier comes with its zippered storage pocket and fantastic option for cross over shoulder straps.

A practical carrier offering 6 position options which allows your carrier to be comfortably customised for each season and stage of your little ones life.

The award-winning lillebaby® COMPLETE™ baby is called complete for a reason. This carrier offers 6 carrying positions, and has so many functional and comfort features.

This new model has a practical zippered pocket, 2 way adjustable buckles for easy reach and adjustment and the new Lillebaby logo. Made with soft and durable 100% Brushed Cotton Exterior and pampering 100% Cotton Sateen Lining. The new classic! We just love the adjustable lumbar support, the removable sleeping hood, and particularly the adjustable seat width which caters for the size and development of your baby.


  • This Carrier offers, front inward facing in 3 different support options according to your babies developmental stage, outward-facing front carry and hip and back carry.
  • 1. Front Carry with Newborn Baby in Fetal Position with Wide Seat Engaged
  • 2. Front Carry with Baby Facing In - With additional neck/Head support engaged and Narrow Seat or Wide Seat Engaged
  • 3. Front Carry with Baby Facing In - with Head/Neck suport in Rolled down positon- Wide Seat Support
  • 4. Front Carry with Baby Facing Out- Narrow Seat Engaged
  • 5. Hip Carry Position
  • 6. Back Carry Position

    Please see our clear demonstration videos to demonstrate these different positions. Additional videos below including how to adjust the seat and lumbar support for maximum comfort.


    6 Carry Positions - all the carrying positions in one beautiful carrier.
    Ergonomic Face forward option.
    Priceless Lumbar Support
    Neck Support - understand the difference.
    Long life span. Baby weight range: 5 to 20kg
    Machine Washable on a gentle cycle - hang dry in a shaded area.


    Light weight! Only 0.61kg

    Ergonomic for baby: Adjustable seat ensures a natural seat adjusted to every age and stage
    Comfortable for you: Baby's weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders.
    Wide, ergonomic shoulder pads: 7.5 cm wide by 2.5 cm thick premium foam
    Wide, contoured waist band with 1/4 inch high-performance foam: (66cm-140cm) circumference range

    Information About Lillebaby

    The idea that functional and beautiful everyday objects should be available to us all is a core theme in Scandinavian design. With a Scandinavian foundation, the líllébaby brand has from its very conception been true to these roots and shown a warm passion for combining functionality and style. Resonating with the Scandinavian values of quality of life, honesty, and a love for nature's beauty, líllébaby strives to make baby products that bring this functional style to parents, anywhere. We wish parents to attain the simple luxury of keeping their baby close while building a natural bond, in perfect comfort and style.

    About the Designer

    líllébaby was founded in 2001 by Lisbeth Lehan, a designer who is passionate about how products should have a purpose of - in our way or another - improving quality life. Her early design projects across Europe involved teams of specialists who would bring their perspectives and expertise to the table, and ranged from baby diaper design, to functional designs for improving worker safety on oil platforms. So when she started líllébaby, she did not only start as a mom with a product; she started with a team of moms and dads, designers, a chiropractor, a rock climber, pediatricians, fashion consultants, safety experts and hours and hours of “day-in-a-life” studies of parents with a goal to make baby products that would reduce hassle, simplify life with a baby, and thereby truly improve parents quality of life. Having a future in medicine all staked out for her, it was in the middle of a lecture Lisbeth decided she was not becoming a doctor after all. She walked out before the lecture ended and with that her professional career took a different turn from what she (and her parents) had originally planned. The interest for safety and medical research has followed her nevertheless, and safety and health is the foundation for the líllébaby designs. Building a company on research is a lot of hard work, but through that research líllébaby mastered merging safety and comfort with convenience and style.

    Lillebaby Complete Carriers offer a brilliant solution to cater for comfort and support for you and your baby.
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