Frequently Asked Questions about Ergobaby Carriers.

Ergobaby Carriers offer a range of excellent ergonomic carriers with carry positions that promote healthy spine development and adapt to accommodate your growing child. This Multi award winning design has received the endorsement from leading Health Professionals.

What are the different models and Carry Positions that Ergobaby Carriers cater for?

Ergobaby have both 3 position and 4 position carriers. These vary in fabric choices with classic cotton or cool air 3D mesh versions and with some models requiring an infant insert from Newborn to approx. 5 months – and some without the need for an infant insert.

Ergobaby 3 Positional Carriers – offering 3 comfortable carry positions

Positions:  Front Carry – Baby Facing In, Hip carry and Back carry

Ergobaby 3 Position Baby Carriers include:

  • Original Classic  Range: Newborn t0  20kg (Infant Insert Required)
  • Adapt – Cotton (Adapts from Newborn to 20kg – No Infant Insert Needed)
  • Adapt – Cool Air 3D Mesh -(Adapts from Newborn to 20kg – No Infant Insert Needed)

Ergobaby 4 Positional Carriers –  offering 4 comfortable carry positions

Ergobaby 4 Position Carriers are called: The  Ergobaby 360 – 4 Position Carrier

Positions:  Front Carry – Baby Facing In , Hip carry and Back carry  and Outward Facing  (recommended for 6months plus)

Ergobaby 4 Position 360 Baby Carriers include:

  • 360 Cotton Original : Newborn to 15kgs (Infant Insert Required)
  • 360 Cool Air 3D Mesh : Newborn to 15kgs (Infant Insert Required)
  • New Omni 360 – Cotton : Adjusts to suit your child from Newborn to 15kgs (With no Infant Insert Required)

What is the weight limit of the Ergobaby Carriers?

Ergobaby recommends a weight limit of 20kg for the Classic Three-Position carrier and 15kgs for the  Four-Position 360 Carrier. Ergobaby recommend the use of the Outward facing position when your baby is 6 months (baby can sit independently –  to approx. 10 kgs – guided by parent size and comfort.)

Why do I need the Infant Insert and how long do I need to use it?

Developed in consultation with health professionals, the Infant Insert is designed so that you can safely carry your newborn baby from day one. Designed to grow with your baby, the Infant Insert provides head and neck support and ensures your newborn is correctly seated while in the Ergobaby Carrier. Once your baby can hold his/her head up for long periods of time and is comfortable with his/her hips in a wide position, the use of the Infant Insert is no longer necessary.

In the event that your baby develops head control but is still too short for the carrier, the removable pillow at the base of the Infant Insert can be used on its own in the base of the carrier until your baby is tall enough to see over the top of the carrier.

NOTE: These two developmental occurrences do not always happen at the same time, but do take place between 4 and 6 months. Since babies grow and develop at different rates, monitor your newborn’s development to decide when he/she is ready for the transition.

Do all the Infant Inserts fit the Ergobaby Models?

Yes the Ergobaby Infant Inserts are designed to suit all of the Ergobaby Models which are designed to accommodate an infant insert– including the 3 position and 4 position – 360 range. (not needed for the Ergobaby Adapt and Ergobaby Omni 360 Range of carriers.

Can I face my baby out when I wear her on the front?

In 360 Four Position Carriers – Yes ;Ergobaby’s  Four Position 360 Carriers  (Original 360 Models  and Omni 360 models) have an adjustable bucket seat that has been specifically designed to provide both ergonomic inward- and outward-facing front carry positions that are comfortable for both of you.

In 3 Position Carriers – No : The Classic Ergobaby Three position Carriers have a generously wide pouch that supports a natural sitting position for baby’s hip, pelvis and spine growth for your baby facing in. This structure is not suitable for seating your baby in an outward-facing position.

 What age is best to move my baby to the back carry position?

Once a baby has developed upper body strength and can sit up for periods of time unassisted (usually around 6 months) they will be happy moving to your back.  If a child is fussing in the back carry position for the first time, bring them to a mirror where they will find comfort in seeing both you and themselves. Also, bouncing and movement will help. Get walking, get settled!

Can I breastfeed my child in the Ergobaby Carrier?

Yes, breastfeeding is very easy with the Ergobaby Carrier. Simply loosen the shoulder straps so that your baby is sitting lower. With an older baby you may need to raise your breast up and guide to your baby’s mouth level.

 If the Carrier fits me will it also fit my partner?

The Ergobaby Carrier will easily accommodate different shaped wearers. The carrier adjusts at the shoulder straps and chest strap, allowing for a general height range of 5’ (152cm) to 6’4” (190cm), and an adjustable waistbelt.  This makes it a practical solution for parents of different sizes to share the carrying fun as needed.