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Ergobaby Original Carrier Black with Camel Lining

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The revolutionary ErgoBaby Carrier redefines baby carriers. Attracting a multitude of international awards and 5-star reviews, ErgoBaby is the world's most loved carrier. It offers hands-free closeness like no other and is perfect from birth to pre-school, up to 20kgs. NOTE the 'Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert' is recommended for use with any model from the Ergo Baby range, for the first 3-4 months until baby is 5kgs or has good head control. ErgoBaby Carriers support your child in three easy-to-use positions - front, hip and back - promoting healthy spinal development and adapting to your child's growing needs. It is the only baby carrier worldwide to be listed as one of the Top 20 Baby Products over the Last 20 Years.

The ErgoBaby Carrier provides anatomically correct positioning for your baby, promoting healthy hip and spinal development. The extra-wide waist belt and padded shoulder straps evenly distribute your child's weight from shoulders to hip, avoiding neck and shoulder strain associated with some front pack carriers. ErgoBaby now gives parents the choice of extended strain-free carrying. The 'Heart 2 Heart' Infant Insert accessory offers premium head support and is required until baby weighs 5.5kgs and has developed head control (usually 3 - 4 months). The Infant Insert moulds around baby's head, ensuring the chin is not pressed to the chest and airways are always clear.

The ErgoBaby Carrier also features an adjustable sleeping hood. The elasticised edges mould around your baby's head and adjust to suit their height. The sleeping hood offers protection from sun, wind, rain and gives privacy while breastfeeding.

The ErgoBaby Carrier features:

  • Durable cotton canvas outer with 400 threads per inch, cotton poplin lining and hood.
  • 100% cotton batting in body of carrier softens edges with interior rip-stop reinforcements and stitching at all fabric intersections.
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps support varying adult heights, from 4'9" to 6'5".
  • Shoulder straps contain 2.5cm high density foam and extend from 60cm to 115cm.
  • Waist belt extends from 66cm to 140cm.
  • Chest strap features 'runners' that fit securely around the shoulder straps and prevent removal or loss.
  • Premium buckles and clasps, tested by SGS, provide an additional safety.
  • High quality webbing, matched to carrier colour.
  • Front pouch of carrier includes zipped pocket.
  • Carrier is durability and strength tested up to 40kgs.
  • Ergobaby uses only the highest quality and safest dyes possible to ensure a product that will retain its colour, but is free from harmful chemicals.

There are a range of ErgoBaby accessories to assist you when you are out and about with your baby. These accessories include teething pads, travel bags and the retractable rearview mirror, which offers parents peace of mind when they are using the back carry position.

We have created some easy to follow instructions for wearing your Ergo carrier in the different carry positions. These instructions complement the demonstration videos that we have assembled for you demonstrating the different carry positions.

If you are unsure on what model ErgoBaby Carrier is right for you please take a look at our comparison chart of all the Ergo Carriers.

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