Important Aspects to Consider when Choosing the Ideal Baby Carrier for your family.


  1. TYPES OF BABY CARRIER SOLUTIONS: Baby Wraps, Baby Slings, Soft Structured Carriers.
  2. MY BABY/ CHILD – Age and Developmental Stage, Weight and Size.
  3. BABY CARRIER FEATURES – Ergonomics, Quality, Materials, Ease of Use, Colour and Design, Style and Purpose.
  4. BABY CARRIER PURPOSE: Carrier Use – Where, When, How Often, Who will be carrying. My lifestyle activities –everyday, shopping, beach, pool, hiking?
  5. SEASON AND CLIMATE CONSIDERATIONS – Where I live in Australia. Average Temperatures? Travelling Considerations.


TYPES OF CARRIERS; There are some wonderful baby carrier solutions for keeping your little one close and maintaining ergonomic support for both parent and child.



Baby Wraps: Quality wraps are very popular – Most of these are made of soft stretchy materials which can be tied around the parents and adjusted to secure your little one in a close upright position on your chest. Ideal Age RangeParticularly ideal for Newborn to 12 months – there are some varieties of Wraps designed to carry children up to approx. 2 years or longer.   (such as the Hugabub Baby Wrap with Pocket)     Always check the weight guide. Quality Baby Wraps in stock 

  •  Lillebaby Wraps  
  • Ergobaby Wrap,
  •  Hug-a-bub Wraps
Soft Structured Carriers: These soft structured carriers are a fantastic baby carrying solution with a combination of soft and padded structure and with a variety of buckles and straps to ensure a comfortable adjustable ergonomic fit for both the parent and the child.   These carriers come in a range of colours and styles and features with some being made of cottons, organic cottons, and cooler mesh combinations. Ideal Age RangeMost Soft Structured carriers have features that enable them to be used from newborn. 3 Positions Carriers :                             Most Soft Structured carriers offer 3 carry positions – for child facing in “belly to belly”, “hip carry” or “back carry” positions

There are some  3 position soft structured baby carriers which offer baby facing in / back and hip carry positions.

There are also 4 position soft structured baby carriers which offer  4 Ergonomic  Healthy carrying positions -which includes -Child facing in – Hip Carry, Back Carry and the 4th Facing Out position.

  •  Tula Explore 
  • Ergobaby 360 Omni    

( Outward facing position  from approx 6 months to approx. 12 months -(depending on the weight and size of your child)   always choose an outward facing carrier with a cup or bucket seat eg Tula Explore range or Ergobaby 360 Omni that support your baby in the M Sitting position )

Baby Ring Slings: Slings are made of soft fabrics generally worn across the parent’s body cradling the infant close to the chest. Ideal Age Range:  Slings are most commonly used for Newborn to 6 months. (although some slings are designed for use for 12 months plus) Convenient and simple to use – Precautions need be followed with full awareness of the babies positioning to ensure a baby is never positioned in a curled posture and their airways are kept clear at all times.                 (refer to the Safe Baby Wearing guide TICKS chart at the end of this page.) Quality Sling Brands 

Lillebaby Eternal Love Linen Ring Slings.