5 Great Benefits of Baby Wearing

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  • Carrying your little one close, positions your child where they feel safe, secure and protected.
  • When a Child feels safe and secure, their “Central Nervous System” is in its most relaxed state, supporting them to be calm when awake and promotes secure sleep.
  • It has been described as “easing the transition from the womb to the world” – positioning baby close to his parents – infants feel loved and secure and are less likely to be overwhelmed by the new experiences of life.
  • The more upright positioning can support the digestive system and can ease the symptoms of colic and reflux.
  • A more settled and relaxed baby helps Mums and Dads relax too.


  • When an infant is carried positioned in an optimal wrap or carrier – this supports their body,joints and muscles in an ergonomic, symmetrical way that optimises their physical development. An optimal carrier supports the child seated in the “M” position where their knees are above their hip joint – minimising pressure and supporting healthy physical development.
  • The child’s sensori-motor system is being activated in a healthy way being gradually and safely introduced to sights, smells and movements that are safe and not overwhelming for the child.
  • The natural life movement with their parents – stimulates their muscle development, supportsage appropriate neck and head control and helps to promote an infant’s core strength. It also activates their balance and vestibular and proprioceptive system which is needed to adjust to changes in posture. These are all healthy foundations for healthy physical development.


  • Keeping your little one close – enhances bonding and attachment for baby and parent. Great for Mums, Dads and Grandparents too.
  • When the child is close and cuddled, they hear their parent’s voice and feel their heart beat.The infant learns to model their responses and learn relational and social clues based on their parents.
  • In these formative years this is an excellent way to support an infant’s development of trust (foundational for all human relationships) and their self confidence in being with/around other people.
  • Great for families – helps parents to be able to interact and be active with their other children also.
  • Nurturing and cuddling your little one is a beautiful thing.


  • By Carrying your little one in a carrier or wrap which supports excellent ergonomic positioning – this places both the infant and the adult in a symmetrical, comfortable position, (eliminates twisting or bending to one side) which is ultimately healthier for both the child’s and parent’s muscles, joints and backs.


  • The use of Baby Wraps and Baby Carriers encourage you to get out and about and enjoy life – Perfect for walking, fitness, stairs, hiking, picnics, shopping, and getting out to feel the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun, taking you to places off the concrete path.
  • Different Carriers can be used for different activities – from general everyday carriers right through to our specific purpose carriers for hiking, aqua/pool/ beach carriers and lightweight travel carriers.
  • Different Carriers can be used in different seasons of life from “Newborn right through to the young child years”.
  • Supporting you to actively enjoy the journey of life with your precious little one.

Enjoy this precious season!!!
From Fiona
Paediatric Occupational Therapist – Bella’s Little Ones





The Baby Carrying Years

The first 4 years of a child’s life are referred to as the Carrying Years. Children in all cultures need to be kept close to their parents for safety and practical reasons. It is a natural part of life and research now clearly indicates that there is so much more to Babywearing – with benefits to support your little one to thrive in every area of their development.

Use of an ergonomic solution for carrying your little one

– has huge benefits in protecting the parents back – by positioning you in a symmetrical position without the lean and twist on the spine and by evenly distributing your baby’s weight.  This enables you to keep your baby cuddle close to you in daily activities where they can continue to hear your heart beat, voice and adjust to the world with their parent to guide and keep them safe.

Supporting your little one to Thrive:

Keeping your little one close – supports them to feel safe and secure and positions their central nervous system in the calm and alert state. This has benefits for their Neurological development, Sensori -Motor development, Vestibular Balance System, Physical growth, supports healthy digestion and supports healthy emotional bonding and attachment. Wow! Now this is exciting.


Benefits of Baby Wearing in the first 365 Days.

Benefits of baby wearing in a sling baby carrier from closeparent.com